Sakura Chan

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App development

Design with meaning

We designed a medical application for Sakura Clinic that works as pill alarm and also brings awareness to the importance of daily water consumption. Dr Dion shows great vision on how technology can improve the interaction with his patients during their treatment.


For Sakura Chan, our team had to immerse into the Japanese culture to understand the users profile and apply it to the interface. One of the results was an interactive mascot that changes it’s mood according to user engagement. Sakura Chan gives a feminine feel to the app and sends a direct message to it’s niche.

Sakura's features

Sakura Chan has three core functions: a pill alarm, a water consumption monitor and also a safety button for Japanese women. It was an interesting challenge to our team to integrate all those features in one application and maintain good user flow throughout the application.

What we love about it

The outcome of this project was a simple and playful application. We love being involved with educational and life improvement projects.


Branding Process

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